Our Products and Services

Step 2 - Get an understanding of the products and services we can provide (this is just a smidgeon of what we offer)

Design Services - We have secured the talents of a fantastic graphic designer that gives us the opportunity to assist our clients with their branding requirements.  By consulting with our clients and getting a specific brief we can provide advice and concepts as part of our services.

For an indepth read our terms of agreement are listed on the website under 'Place An Order'.  However, here it is in plain English:

  • Sign Crafters are happy to provide you with design concepts and advice at an hourly rate.  Work will not commence until an Agreement has been signed.
  • If you have a budget let us know and we can work within that budget.  Be specific in your brief, let us know what you are looking for.
  • Free Pitching is not part of our strategy and we discourage this because it undermines the value of design services and destroys the professional standing of designers.  Please do not ask us to do this.  On that note, if you own the Intellectual Property for designs that have already been designed please provide this to us at the time of the Agreement being signed.
  • If you do not own the Intellectual Property you will need to obtain ownership and permission before any work will commence.

Custom or Prefab Signage - Our products can be custom made to suit your requirements or we have a range of products that are prefabricated and just need your designs applied to them. We have a range of substrates and materials that you can choose from.  Sign Crafters have pleasure in bringing new products to market.  We have a beautiful wallpaper that has just come on line.  Check out our latest news.

Are you another sign company, a consultant or a branding company? We can take care of the installation and/or creation of signs on your behalf with the utmost care to your reputation. Please contact Graham to discuss your needs.

Your Requirements - When speaking with us let us know where (internal or external) and how long you need the product for (short term or long term). This will assist us in suggesting the right product for you.

Eco Friendly - Where possible we utilise recyclable materials and eco solvent inks and we use good quality products to last longer and that way they don’t end up in landfill before they should!

Quality - Using quality products in the beginning will project your image longer and ensure that your clients don't see you going down the cheapest option and reflecting a poor image...see our Services page for more information on maintenance and keeping your signs looking great.

Please click on the products below for more information and some specifications. For a more visual display take a look at our Portfolio.